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What we do

And what we can we build for your company.

Web Application Development

Modernize your enterprise with web apps that run fast, scale to thousands of users, and look sharp on phones, tablets, and computers.

Web Application Development

Custom Software Development

Upgrade your business with custom software applications that manage your data at enterprise scale and work smoothly with your existing systems.

Custom Software Development

How we are different

How we outshine other consulting firms.

Business-savvy developers

You don't really want software, you want a solution. Our developers understand this and focus their time on finding the right solution for your business.

Delight your customers

Our agile teams build your most important software first, delighting your customers by solving their biggest problems right away.

Best and brightest

We hire the best application developers in the U.S., and we have years of experience delivering top notch software with 100% remote teams.

High quality

We follow a test-driven approach to clarify requirements, focus the team, and ensure you get clean, maintainable code that's easy to support.

Fast and scalable

Performance is a feature, and we bake in high performance from the start so your app can scale out easily.

See work in progress

We update your application after every code change, so the latest version is always available for your review.

Change requirements

We can change direction at any time, and we deliver working software at the end of every iteration.

Responsive and flexible

We are a small firm of experts who are professional, friendly, and easy to work with.

Actually launch

We overcome problems and actually launch your application by continuously delivering working software.

How we work

What our projects, teams, and process look like.


  • We do project-based custom application development. Durations are from three months to several years.
  • We meet with you to go over requirements, review UX/UI designs and architecture, and show work in progress, either at your offices or online.
  • You own the code, and you have full access to the code and a working version of the app that is updated with every code check in.


  • Our teams usually consist of three to five developers and testers, although that can be as small as one person.
  • All our programmers are U.S.-based senior developers with a minimum of 5 years of web development experience. Most of our programmers have much more experience.
  • Add your own people (developers, testers, designers, project managers, scrum masters, etc.) for a blended delivery team.


  • Using lean software development methodologies, we identify and work on your highest-value features so the most important code is delivered first.
  • With our online Kanban board, you can see the status of features so you always know what's in progress, what's ready for production, and what's next for the team.
  • We usually work in one to three week iterations. You can see our work in progress or change requirements any time, and you'll have working software at the end of every iteration.

Since 2009, we've been delivering software solutions for our clients in the Denver metro area and across the U.S.

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What our clients and team members say about working with us.

Our Fleet Operations system here is much better due the involvement and systems development from Volare Systems!

I must pass on my personal compliments to your organization. Everyone I worked with was tempered with talent, skill, patience, flexibility and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of ownership and pride to our projects. I for one will not forget that. You have raised the bar on what I expect from a systems development organization.

Well done! I hope our paths cross in the business again soon!

Dave Hagan

Area Manager, Global Fleet Operations
Confidential Fortune 50 Company

As a Fleet Systems Senior Project Manager within a Fortune 50 telecommunications company with over 116,000 fleet units, I’ve had the privilege of working with Volare Systems on a comprehensive TechDev project for about five years now. Since the inception of the project in 2013, Joe Wilson and his team have developed hands down one of the finest Fleet Management Systems in the Fleet industry.

Volare Systems particularly excelled at quickly grasping fleet-related operational nuances and structures, which helped them to translate our oftentimes complex concepts and business requirements into highly innovative, efficiency-driving and cost-reducing solutions. Their Agile SDLC approach and their impressively reflexive client support led to truly unprecedented release cycle times and client satisfaction.

I readily endorse Joe and the rest of the Volare Systems team considering the great work they produce!

David Sharp, Jr.

Senior Process Manager, Global Fleet Operations
Confidential Fortune 50 Company

Technology is what we do, but when it came time to develop a state-of-the-art application for our Fleet, we worked closely with Joe and his team to capitalize on Volare's strong technical and design skills.

For the last five years, the Volare team has developed software solutions that both met and exceeded our needs. Their ability to translate business requirements into a polished product using agile methodology is exactly what we needed for our projects.

Additionally, Joe and his team took the time to provide insightful ideas and recommendations when appropriate. He leads a strong team of developers and their skillset is at pace, if not ahead, of the industry.

Volare has performed exceedingly well for us, and I highly recommend this team of experts for software solutions. I would gladly use them for future projects.

April Stanbary

Senior Process Manager, Global Fleet Operations
Confidential Fortune 50 Company

I have worked with Joe and his team for many years developing a new Fleet system. Joe has always been so refreshing to work with. He and his team are so professional and knowledgeable.

Since Joe was very familiar with our department and other systems, he could (and did) offer a solution to many obstacles we encountered along the way. I highly recommend Volare Systems!

Mona Howell

Senior Project Manager, Global Fleet Operations
Confidential Fortune 50 Company

I have been working with Joe and Volare Systems on a major systems project for several years. The project was built from the ground up and Volare produced a product that exceeded expectations.

Volare also learned our business practices and made the building of the site a pleasure instead of a project.

Vince Villemaire

Senior Business Manager, Global Fleet Operations
Confidential Fortune 50 Company

Working with Volare Systems has been the kind of experience you hope for every time you do business. Joe Wilson built us an exceptional team of high-powered developers for a large, multi-year web development project.

Joe has technical knowledge, high ethics, and excellent management and interpersonal skills. He also has a desire to deliver a clean, high-quality, maintaintable product. It is a joy to work with him, and I hope this is not my last opportunity to do so.

Carol Clinkenbeard

MileHigh Fleet Solutions

Joe Wilson of Volare has built an complex, integrated application that not only provided a web-based front end to a legacy system, but incorporated new functionality and technologies the client had not even dreamed of.

His vision, acquisition, and management of talented developers, and commitment to quality have produced an elegant system providing cost savings, efficiency, and a sleek modern look and feel for a fortune 50 company with thousands of internal users accessing the system every day.

The system has been a resounding success, and the department has been extremely proud to present a world-class interface that delivers proactive and relevant information to their internal clients in new and innovative ways.

Karen Watson

MileHigh Fleet Solutions

I was very impressed with the fact that Volare Systems was able to complete such a nationally progressive and complicated project. In terms of the development process, their team met all of the designated milestones . There were some challenges stemming from gaps in the communication of expectations, but that is standard in complex custom software projects.

The project received notable national attention from a $100 million initiative with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The other leading educators in the program were impressed by how skillfully Volare integrated our internal academic leaders' vision.

Greg Mortimer

Jeffco Public Schools

Joe and his team at Volare delivered a quality software product for my organization. With his help we delivered a product that will help us with our business objectives. Joe also introduced our team to agile software development , which allowed us to deliver a tool to meet the precise needs of our customer.

Matt Weissenbuehler

Director, Strategic Projects
Jeffco Public Schools

As a development lead on a custom software development project for a common client, Joe demonstrated a high degree of expertise in agile software development methodology. He encouraged collaboration with the end user, welcomed changing requirements, provided working software to solicit customer feedback, and responded quickly to changes. This methodology was new to the organization, but allowed them to deliver a product to the business that met their needs.

Johanna Jonsdottir

Enterprise Information Architect
Jeffco Public Schools

We hired Joe Wilson as a consultant to work on the creation of the flagship product called LeaveXpert. He designed and developed all of the the front-end and much of the backend business logic for the web application. He trained 4 other developers on coding additional features following his architecture and getting them up and running in a few weeks. He was very patient and communicated very well with everyone in the company from the developers to the product owners and CEO.

Joe made some very positive changes to Optis by bringing in a lot of current technology and great coding practices. This allowed Optis to build their main application as well as two additional applications off the same framework. All these applications have scaled very well over the years are still generating revenue. I would highly recommend Joe and Volare Systems.

Travis Huggins

Director of Software Development

Joe is an excellent partner to our in-house product and software development teams. He brings a great depth of knowledge and creativity to the design and development process; which results in a very high quality and usable software product.

Rene Gates

Vice President, Client Services

Thanks so much for all you've done for our team... leading us in pursuit of Spec Flow (automated test-driven development), demonstrating elegant ways to serialize XML, and working through several of our most challenging features. You demonstrated well-rounded strengths on both UI-rich and behind-the-scenes development, and your positive attitude and collaborative approaches were a huge asset to the team.

Alan Fliegelman

Senior Product Manager
Confidential Company

Joe's expertise and insights were invaluable to the team. Joe is very knowledgeable about a wide array of topics regarding development best practices and is capable of communicating these concepts and thoughts easily to others. This allows him to elicit trust as well as help others grow. I only wish I was able to work with Joe more closely during our time together.

Chad Greer

Software Architect

Joe Wilson with Volare Systems is one of the most professional developers my team has ever worked with. He is knowledgeable and quickly responsive to the changing demands of clients. His inclusion in our projects has certainly been a great experience. I look forward to continued work together.

Julie Yack

Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP
Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc.

Volare Systems was very proactive and prompt with the work on our company website. They were also very professional and in frequent communication to make sure we received their updates and were pleased with them.

Andrew J. Downum

Software Development Manager
Mentis Technology Solutions

Joe and I worked together on a phenomenally-successful, large-scale, complex web application for several years.

There were several key distinctions about this project which made it so successful, and for which Joe was responsible. The first is technical strength. Joe is a very strong developer and he has an uncanny ability to find other strong professionals to work alongside him. Second is leadership. Joe’s trusting, hands-off leadership style results in a healthy environment and self-imposed accountability. The third is quality. With Joe leading by example, I have never encountered an application more properly-maintained, unit-tested, and moved along as technology and tools evolve - of such scale.

I could not recommend Joe more highly.

Jason Harper

Independent Consultant
Mako Software Solutions

Working with Joe on a year-long development project was a breath of fresh air. Joe's attention to detail and commitment to quality made me a better developer. With Joe's leadership, the project was run in a way I always hope for, but rarely get to experience.

If you're looking for someone to develop a custom software solution, you can't go wrong with Joe and Volare Systems. If you're a developer looking to be part of a high-quality team, you won't be disappointed. I hope to be able to work with Joe again in the near future.

Kevin Krueger

Principal Consultant

Our Clients

We working with our clients and appreciate the trust they put in us to deliver their software solutions.

Jeffco Public Schools
Amerit Fleet Solutions
Larimer County
Peak Cycles
Baby Holdings
Workflow Partners
Mentis Technology Solutions

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