Altitude for Windows 10

Altitude for Windows 10 shows your current altitude (in meters or feet) and your current location (latitude and longitude and terrain map) based on your GPS, cellular, wifi, network, and/or internet connection.

The values will then update based on either the time lapse or the movement threshold you choose in Settings.

A live tile can optionally update with your current altitude.

Finally, you can share your current location with other apps on your Windows 10 devices, like email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Altitude can be downloaded through the Windows Store on any Windows 10 device.

Landscape View

Landscape View

Snapped View

Snapped View

Settings and Options

Settings and Options

App Support

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It can't get my location or says "No Data".

Altitude uses your GPS, cellular, wifi, or network connection. If those are disabled (are you in airplane mode?) or not available (can you browse the web?), your location cannot be determined. Also, check Settings > Permissions to be sure you haven't disabled location for this application.

How can I improve the accuracy?

Altitude uses your GPS, cellular, wifi, network, and/or internet connection. These are also roughly the order of most accurate to least accurate. If using GPS or cellular, be sure you are not obstructed (are you inside, under a lot of trees, in a canyon, etc.?). If using wifi, try getting close to your wifi access point or hotspot.

How can I change from meters to feet?

Go to Settings > Options and select Feet or Meters. The screen will refresh and save your selection.

How do I turn on or turn off the live tile?

The live tile is on the Windows 10 start screen and shows your altitude at the refresh interval and motion threshold you specified under Settings > Options. To turn this off, select the Altitude tile (right click with a mouse, select and hold with touch) and click "Turn live tile off". Reverse the process to turn the live tile back on.

Why doesn't the screen update when I move?

The screen updates at the refresh interval and motion threshold saved in your settings. To change these, go to Settings > Options. The screen will refresh and save your selection.

How can I share my Altitude info with other apps?

Use the Share feature to send your altitude, latitude, location, accuracy, and nearest city to other apps on your Windows 10 device, like email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How can I disable tracking my location?

Go to Settings > Permissions > Location = Off.

App Privacy Policy

Altitude was created by Volare Systems. Support for this application is available through our website. Altitude uses roaming storage for your chosen options in the Settings screen. This allows you to have the same options across devices.

Altitude does not collect, store, or transmit any personally identifying information with this application with the following exceptions:

Location information

Altitude gets your geolocation information through your device's GPS, cellular, wifi, network, and/or internet connection. This information is used to display your location, including your current altitude, latitude, longitude, and terrain map location.

Your location information is not stored on your device, transmitted to Volare Systems, Inc. or any other company or government entity, and is destroyed when the application is terminated.

You can disable Altitude's access to your geolocation information any time through Settings > Permissions > Location = Off.

Sharing location information

Altitude lets you optionally share your current location information with your other Windows 10 apps. This is done through Share > Choose the app to send location information to. Your location information isn't sent to these applications unless you share it, and your location information is only sent once, not continuously, when sharing.

You can prevent Altitude from sharing your location information by not using the sharing feature.

Contacting us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us:

Volare Systems
4351 Canyonbrook Drive
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80130

Last edited on June 30, 2018.