I'm assembling a team to work with me on a green field ASP.NET MVC project.  We will be using ASP.NET MVC 3, an ORM (NHibernate or EF Code First), SQL Server 2008, dependency injection (Ninject or Castle Windsor), and ATDD and TDD (Specflow, Watin, NUnit, and Moq).  If you've done some but not all of these things, I'll teach you the rest to fill in the gaps.

This project will be run using lean methods, so we'll pull in work only when the current task is completely done, meaning the product owner has accepted it and it's ready to go live.  We'll spend a lot of time getting the acceptance criteria just right before we build anything, so there will be lots of small, just-in-time conversations with the product owner.

We'll have flexible hours and do a lot of remote work, but we'll get together for designing and pair programming several days a week, also.  This will be done face-to-face, ideally, but remote web-cam/desktop-sharing pairing is an option, too.  We'll have to tweak this as we go to be sure communication isn't slipping and the work is getting done to the customer's expectations.

For more details or to apply, please check out the careers section.